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standard scale of unit costs

Standard Scale of Unit Costs is one of the simplified cost options. A standard scale of unit costs comprises of pre-established standard prices that apply to pre-defined quantities related to an activity. The eligible expenditure is calculated by multiplying the standard cost by the units achieved (quantified activities, input, etc.). In general, standard scales of unit costs are process-based, aiming at covering through the best approximation the real costs of delivering a project. They can also be outcome-based or defined on both process and outcome. Standard scales of unit costs are established based on fair, equitable and verifiable calculation methods.

barèmes standard de coûts unitaires

A database is a collection of information that is organised so it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

base de données

A benefit is a measurable improvement resulting from an outcome perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders.


A beneficiary is a project partner that receives programme co-financing for the expenditure related to their activities in the project.

potential beneficiary

A potential beneficiary is an entity that is eligible (in type, geographic location, etc) to apply for and receive funds from a programme financed by ESI funds.

bénéficiaire potentiel
total budget

The total budget of a project is the budget established based on the costs planned by all project partners in the Application Form.

budget total
total eligible budget

Total eligible budget indicates the total budget of a project subject to programme co-financing. In the Application Form, it is calculated based on the total budget, excluding the potential net revenue of the project.

budget total éligible
office and administration

Office and Adminstration is the budget line that covers expenditure related to all costs relating to the maintenance of the office, stationery, postage, etc. necessary to implement project activities.

bureau et administration