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Joint secretariat

A Joint Secretariat is the body responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the programme. It is usually specialised in all communication ‘down’ to the project level and in processing the reporting information received from the projects.

Secrétariat conjoint
source of verification

The source of verification is the evidence that establishes or confirms the accuracy or truth of information provided.

source de vérification

Subcontracting is a process whereby an agreement is entered into to provide goods or services relating to tasks required for the project which cannot be carried out by the beneficiary itself, concluded between a beneficiary and one or more subcontractors for the specific needs of a project. Subcontracting comes from the principle that the beneficiaries must have the operational capacity to implement the project, and is limited to those parts of the work which cannot be carried out by the beneficiary itself. It must not concern "core" parts of the project work, and only a limited part of the project can be concluded by a subcontractor where this is necessary for the project implementation. Project management must always be considered to be a core element of the project and must not be the subject of a subcontract.

communication strategy

A Communication Strategy is a document on a project or programme level setting out communication objectives, key messages, target groups, activities, budget, timetable, and people responsible for implementation and evaluation measures.

stratégie de communication
macro-regional strategy

Macro-regional strategy is an integrated framework endorsed by the European Council to address common challenges faced by a defined geographical area. Single macro-regional strategy is developed for Member States and other countries located in the same geographical area benefiting from strengthened cooperation and coordination contributing to achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion. Implementation of a macro-regioal strategy may be supported by any fund or programme operated at EU, national, regional or even local level.

stratégie macro-régionale
sea basin strategy

Sea Basin Strategy is a structured framework of cooperation in relation to a given geographical area, developed by Union institutions, Member States, their regions and where appropriate other countries sharing a sea basin. Sea Basin Strategy takes into account the geographic, climatic, economic and political specificities of the sea basin.

stratégie par bassins maritimes
subsidy, grant

A subsidy or a grant is a form of financial support extended to an economic sector or institution or individual generally with the aim of promoting economic and social policy.

subvention, subside

Monitoring is an administrative procedure used to assure that the inputs (budget and activities) and outputs are in line with the original plan (programme strategy or application) and that the expenditure incurred complies with the rules of eligibility.