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programme language

Programme language is the language used in all communication between the applicants/beneficiaries and the programme bodies. In some cases it could be more than one language.

langue du programme
letter of commitment

A letter of commitment is written confirmation of each project partner's financial contribution to the project budget. It doesn't have to be a separate document; it could be part of the partner declaration.

lettre d'engagement
budget line

A budget line is a set of cost centres that facilitates reporting on expenditure and revenue. Each cost item can be allocated to one budget line only, according to the nature of the cost. HIT budget lines integrate the five categories of costs defined in Article 18 ETC Regulation (EU) 1299/2013.NOTE: HIT uses the term budget line; it is equivalent to the term category of expenditure used in the regulations.

ligne budgétaire
control checklist

A control checklist is a detailed checklist used by controllers to structure and document their control work for a given reporting period, project and partner.

liste de contrôle
list of expenditure

The List of Expenditure is part of the Partner Progress Report. It lists expenditure borne by a project partner in relation to activities carried out during the period covered by the Progress Report. It includes information on the amounts on the invoice description that are declared by the project partner, amounts verified by the first level controller, amounts approved by relevant programme bodies, etc.

liste de dépenses
reserve list

A reserve list is a list of projects which a programme considers good projects but is unable to approve because the programme is running out of funds towards the end of the programming period. These projects are placed on the reserve list in the hope that running projects don’t spend all their approved funds. The programme can then use these "unused" funds to approve the previously rejected projects.

liste de réserve

A deliverable is a side-product or service of the project that contributes to the development of a project's main output.